We all know how the pandemic waves were hard on the tourism and event industries. I would even dare to say it hurt them bad. Fortunately, the tourist attractions offered to Quebecers as outdoor activities have grown in popularity during summer 2020 and during winter seasons 2020-2021. In a way, we could say they helped the tourism industry to survive!

However, we should “act today to change tomorrow” as the Department of Tourism mentioned.


Last January 2021, Tourism Intelligence network has published the tourism “white paper.” It is a relevant study for all those who work in the tourism and event industries. Different solutions and ideas were suggested in this guide. Following the reading of this guide, I wanted to apply a few of them to show you how xPayrience could help you.

First, the study indicated how the consumption pattern has changed since the pandemic. We already knew how the technology changed the consumption patterns, but this new covid-19 reality has accentuated this trend.

The MT lab’s General Manager, Martin Lessard, recommended to the business companies to have at least a website which can offer a transactional option to customers.

If you want to add, for instance a WooCommerce to your website, its makeover will obviously require a lot of programming time. As time is money, the programming time can be bad for a business’s portfolio especially knowing there was a huge loss of incomes compared to the years before the pandemic.

Fortunately, xPayrience offers profitable and simple modules for businesses who wouldn’t want highly developed E-Commerce which requires hours and hours of programming time. Our modules are already ready to be quickly set up on a website. No need for endless hours of programming like other online business would require.

What I also learned from this study is that it will be important for each team player to work together in order to give a helping hand to, yes the neighbors, but also to the entire region as well as Quebec as whole.

The creation of packages or passports, exclusive offers and partnership development are often mentioned in the recommendations. It is all in the purpose of showing the wealth of the region to discover.

What makes xPayrience a unique solution is how it helps to facilitate contact between different business partners and to create simplified packages. At xPayrience, we like to promote the multi-attractions packaging to show the wealth of the region.

We offer an online solution where the money transfer of packages, between the companies, are nonexistent as every team player receives in real time its share of the transaction. No more headache for lots of companies.

Lastly, it is also said how it is important to show local routes. Customers who are into the local purchasing trend can finally look up for the public market, “pick your own” farms, outdoor activities, overnight stay camping, hotel accommodation, etc.

This is how we can guarantee the customers’ loyalty to travel locally and to extend their stay in your region.

To make local routes, xPayrience offers a particular option which is effective to this reality. All the modules offered by xPayrience have the option “suggestions.” When a visitor looks up for a specific region, other activities near your will also be offered to him.

This activity can be chosen by you, if you already have one or many created packages, or suggested by the module’s artificial intelligence.

The creation of an ecosystem, developed by the xPayrience team members, offers numerous ways to buy tickets for your attraction, event or accommodation. It also encourages visitors to extend his stay.

In summary, we would have to work all together to show to local visitors how Quebec is rich in activities and has a tourism offer as much as other regions. It is important to know how to stand out among the other Canadian regions and, perhaps later, the international market.

All these recommendations represent only a fraction of all the information gathered in the Tourism Intelligence network study. You can read the full article just here.

Lastly, if you would like to know how xPayrience can help you to set up a few of these recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us!