Let’s take a closer look at this concept

Packaging… we know that this word doesn’t exist in any dictionary in the tourism and event industries. This dictionary entry is usually always related to the financial field.

Why have we chosen a word which its first definition isn’t even related to our work field?

It is mainly because it is a familiar word to the people who are working in the tourism and event industries. This simple word mostly shows how xPayrience is the only online solution in its kind.

What does it mean to us? It simply means it’s the action of creating packages.

Therefore, after careful deliberations and a little bit too much coffee, we decided to use the word in all our communications! This is a little bit bold would you say, but at xPayrience, we are full of courage and ambitions!

Let’s face it, tourism is a big court with a lot of competition. This is a way for us to separate ourselves from the crowd and to get a further reach by creating a “newly wed” kind of feeling!

What does the word multi-attractions mean?

Let’s now explain the “multi-attractions” function of our solution. This is another unusual word which only makes sense when we get to know how xPayrience works. As soon as you participate to one of our business partners’ packages, any of your attraction can be part of the xPayrience’s ecosystem.

We mainly want to focus on the wealth of a region by gathering ALL TOGETHER its possible ATTRACTIONS under one online transaction. This makes it a maximum easier for your customers vacation planning.

For instance, when you rent a campsite, you might find 5 kilometers away a “d’arbres en arbes” activity which is super popular around there. xPayrience will then give you the opportunity to create a camping/“d’arbres en arbes” package under one transaction for your customer. Each attraction will therefore receive in real time its part of the package. No need to do manual money transfers! You would even have the chance to appear in different portals because of this partnership, but also because of the suggestion option on our online solution.


xPayrience promote the multi-attractions packaging by joining sales and booking under one shopping cart. The mission behind this idea? The gathering of different attractions to simplify the decision and purchasing process of the customer. Ultimately, this mission allows us to promote our business partners while displaying the wealth that a region has to offer.

You still have questions? You would like to know how to set up your xPayrience module to be able to participate to the multi-attractions packaging? We would be pleased to work with you and help you to shine!