Save time in your bookings with xPayrience! Our platform allows customers to book directly available hosting. xPayrience provides the tools you need to book in one click and supports CRM and other management software.

With the xPayrience Hosting module, online reservations finally simple!

Visual grid of disponibilities

Manage your room reservations in one click and quickly see which ones are available or booked.

Cancellation management

In case of cancellation of a customer or an unexpected closure of your establishment, availability is updated and you can proceed to a refund.

Integration in management tools

For large institutions, xPayrience integrates and supplements existing tools.

Dynamic prices

Automatically adjust your rates based on months, weeks, days, individuals or groups.

CRM Support

For small to medium sized businesses, xPayrience is enough to manage your customer information.

xPayrience benefits

Reservations 24/7

Let your customers check availability and book directly from your website. xPayrience works at all times so you do not miss any sales.

Take your business with you

Whether on smartphone, tablet or computer, xPayrience is accessible everywhere with a simple internet connection.


Make better decisions with the xPayrience dashboard. View your bookings in one look and download detailed reports of trends over time.

Create opportunities

Through the xPayrience network create partnerships with other members and promote each other's products or services.

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Customers who use this module

Here are some of our customers who benefit from the xPayrience network's multi-commercial hosting platform.

Hébergement du Motel La Place sur le portail xPayrience

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