At xPayrience, our goal is to make your shopping experience simple, efficient and fair so that you can access the various participating merchants in a given region as quickly as possible. The following purchasing policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of the purchasing process on the xPayrience network. If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us. This purchase policy is subject to the Terms of Use to which it is incorporated. Each ticket you buy gives permission to one (1) person(s) to attend an event. It is subject to the additional conditions mentioned on this note.


All ticket prices for events taking place in Canada are in Canadian dollars.

Payment methods

xPayrience accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards via the Stripe secure payment gateway.


xPayrience sells tickets on behalf of the affected companies. This means that xPayrience does not establish the ticket price gauge. The price of a ticket advertised on the company’s website is the minimum price at which you can buy the ticket on site. However, by purchasing the same ticket on the xPayrience platform, you agree to add a transaction fee that will be announced to you before confirming your purchase.


In general, tickets are sold simultaneously through different distribution channels, including online, by phone and at the ticket office where the event is presented. Most distribution channels generally have access to the same ticketing system and ticket inventory. As a result, tickets for popular events can be sold very quickly. Sometimes, additional tickets may be offered prior to the event. However, xPayrience does not control these ticket inventories or their availability.

Order confirmation

If you do not receive a confirmation number (in the form of a confirmation page or by email) after submitting payment information, if you receive an error message or if there is a service interruption after submitting payment information, you are responsible for checking with customer service to see if your order has been processed or not. You are the only person who is aware of the problems encountered during the purchase process. xPayrience cannot be held responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order has not been processed because you have not received confirmation.

Service and handling fees

A ticket purchased by the xPayrience network is subject to a service charge (transaction fee) additional to the cost of the ticket purchased directly at the event venue (advertised price). Your ticket order may also be subject to handling and/or delivery charges if necessary. All additional charges will be clearly stated to you before your purchase confirmation, no additional/hidden charges will be added once the transaction is completed.

Events postponed or cancelled

Occasionally, an event is cancelled by the target company (i.e. the company that provided the service and/or product). In such a case, the target company will try to contact you to inform you of the refund or exchange procedures for this event. For specific instructions for any cancelled or postponed event, please check the event information online or contact the company concerned. If you purchase a ticket via xPayrience, and a refund is issued by the targeted company, the targeted company will issue a credit to the credit card used to make the purchase, and the ticket holder will not be able to obtain a refund by presenting the ticket in person. If a ticket has been purchased through a point of sale, and a refund must be issued, the ticket holder must present himself in person at the point of sale where the purchase was made in order to receive the refund.

Refunds and exchanges

Before buying a ticket, carefully check your choice of event and time. Policies established by our customers, including venues, sports teams and theatres, do not allow xPayrience to make refunds or exchanges (subject to our deferred or cancelled events policy) once tickets are sold, nor to replace lost, damaged or destroyed tickets.

For any request for a refund or change of one or more tickets, please contact the organizer (contact details are posted in your order and on the organizer’s website).

Transaction fees are not refundable, except in special cases (death, illness, disability). For refund requests for transaction fees, please contact [email protected] and provide a valid reason for refund.

Verification of billing information

Orders are processed only after verification of the billing address and other billing information. Sometimes we receive incorrect billing or credit card information. This may delay the processing and delivery of the ticket order. In these cases, xPayrience Customer Service will attempt to contact you using the information provided at the time of purchase. If xPayrience cannot reach you, it can cancel your order and sell your tickets to other customers.

Delivery methods by electronic tickets

Electronic tickets are delivered by email. You print them yourself! Unlike the traditional ticket, the electronic ticket is printed from your computer. It uses a unique and different bar code (QR Code) for each purchase. Only one barcode is valid for all your purchases, it is not necessary to print one for each person. You can also present this barcode directly on your smartphone, which we strongly suggest to help preserve our environment.

Price errors

If the amount paid for a ticket is incorrect, whether due to incorrect publication of the price on this website or in another communication, or the purchase of a ticket before the pre-sale date or which was not to be released, then: xPayrience reserves the right to cancel the ticket (or the sale of the ticket) and refund you the amount paid. This provision applies whether due to human error or technical failure of this website or another system operated by xPayrience.

Several browser windows

When purchasing tickets online at xPayrience, make sure you use only one browser window to search for tickets and place an order. If you use more than one browser window, you may lose your tickets or exceed the time allowed to complete your transaction.