Meet Geneviève, our project manager!

Geneviève joined the xPayrience team in July 2021. She’s the first project manager for our team. We hired her to offer better support and follow-up in the creation of new projects and in the continuation of existing ones.

Having grown up in the Coaticook Region and studied hotel management at the Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Geneviève is a real asset to the team.

She has extensive experience in the tourism and event industry and in the coordination of different types of events. She worked at Balnéa Spa in Bromont as a team leader and for several years in the hotel industry as a convention and banquet coordinator for hotels in the region such as the Domaine Château-Bromont and the Ripplecove Hotel & Spa.

Outside of work, you may find Geneviève on a hike with Sierra (Sisi for her friends), her White German Shepherd!

One may also see her on a terrace in warm weather, sipping a gin and enjoying a delicious gourmet meal. On colder evenings, she likes to surround herself with friends and family, sometimes playing board games and other times warming up around a campfire!

For her more “solo” time, she enjoys having a book in hand and reading, especially about personal development.

An asset to the team!

At xPayrience, we love Geneviève’s easygoing and gentle manner, as well as her go-getter initiative when delivering various projects. We can easily trust her to get the job done when related tasks come up! We also like her thirst for learning and the speed with which she “gets it.”

When an xPayrience solution goes live, Geneviève is the one you will talk to the most. She is the one who will take care of your project and who knows how to make it successful.

In the next few years, she aspires to take on a position as a sales representative at xPayrience and help xPayrience grow and expand further!

Hotel professionals, you may just meet her in the near future 😉