Yes, this new recreational tourism sector reality has completely changed the way customers are welcomed, right from the first interaction with them, on the website. Indeed, many companies have been forced to reduce their accommodation capacity and to ask for early booking to visit and to explore your premises. The purchasing and online booking have become omnipresent for many of these companies.

While that may indeed be possible to become a “yes but if I need to cancel” hassle and “but what if the weather isn’t good” for their customers, many companies have been able to quickly adapt. Beside some complexity in the beginning, as a tourist attraction, asking for early booking can be beneficial!

The Improvement of Your Service

Each company welcome their customers, who has as value an exceptional customer service and who is offering the early ticket/admission booking has a major advantage.

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed and surprised by a high online traffic on a casual typical day? Have you ever felt like you have been drowning all day?

Early booking tickets could allow your team to prepare accordingly and to predict more staff to keep a quality customer service. Moreover, doing this allow you to avoid your employee being overwhelmed under the online traffic. An employee feels supported by the executive team and colleagues is automatically a happy employee.

In addition to the customer service, the early booking can also be useful for the product inventory adjustment. Make sure to not miss any popular product and keep the pace of the sales. As we all know, the more people are around the area and more sales will be done that day. Which one of your products are the most popular?  Can you make sure to place an additional order to be sure to not miss anything? In my opinion, there is nothing more disappointing than wanted a product that is out of stock.

Surprise Your Customers

Some of your customers might be regulars, others might also be at their first visit. By knowing if a day is busier than another day, surprise them with an unexpected activity! Let them know that it is a sporadic and special activity and that they are lucky to be there!

In addition to value to your company, this kind of initiative is usually making the most waves and the community of social networks would do the rest of the work.

Do a brainstorming with your staff, find original ideas, and keep them recorded in a file. Take them out once the time comes when you want to organize an activity. It is obviously a surprise that has to be done quickly with employees who are ready to set it up!

It is best to know your customer and to consequently adapt your marketing

Lastly, it is possible to get to know better your client and thereby adapting accordingly your strategy. Knowing your audience is essential for your marketing efforts to have the expected results. Indeed, if you have a look at your customers on your website, those who purchased your product and come on site may differ from unique users of your website. At such times, it is important to analyze your audience yes, but also your conversions.

Today, with the current technology, we must be perfectly equipped to be able to understand better the market. Many reports can be generated to understand the consumer: were most of them are from? Who are they? What are their buying patterns? Which sectors should we focus on? Which sector should we developed? Etc.

Many tools would allow you to better discern and to implement a good strategy. Good plans for which a budget is allocated every year for a company must provide you as much information as possible on your customers to make your expenses; full reports and coaching will allow you to understand them well.

Although this article is meant to be informative, I cannot ignore the opportunity to mention that xPayrience’s online platform allows you to set up all the advantages I have just listed. Indeed, xPayrience offers you all the flexibility of an online payment and booking solution in addition to offering you a customized and uninterrupted service. The platform integrates perfectly to your website and uses the latest technologies to your advantage. Our software has many other advantages that your company could benefit from. Like to find out more?

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