It is sometimes important to restate the description of the company to clients and business partners. It can be interesting to write down on paper, in a single article, the description of the company instead of creating new content continuously on the website.

To put it simple : xPayrience is the solution to promote multi-attraction packaging. Sales and online bookings are brought up in the same shopping cart.

xPayrience’s products answer to different needs. There is the online ticketing module which can be used for different tourist and event attractions. The management and booking system can be used for camping sites, as well as ready-to-camps, and hoteliers.

The multi-attractions packaging is the main reason why xPayrience is the unique solution!

This solution can be used at your premises, as well as on your website, as the main selling or booking platform to manage all your activities. We use a POS system as the central component of our platform for your premises.  However, please know that our solution can also be used as an addition to your current booking tools. Why should you use both, you ask?

The answer is quite simple. Our platform combines your 2 services under one transaction once you have created packages with activities outside your organization. Each attraction gets the information of its shopping cart part in real time. This way, with the several point-of-sale, you increase your visibility. You want to create a package with 3 different regional attractions? No problem, the solution remains the same. Are you currently able to do this kind of transaction with your platform?

Taking part of the xPayrience journey also means you will be part of an ecosystem developed by region. This means that when a tourist is looking for activities in your region, your tourist attraction might be suggested before the end of the final transaction. This way the customer might add an activity or an overnight stay to his trip.

If you are more a visual person…

Forfaitisation multi-attraots

We can also save your day if you have tourist attractions which offer multiple services to travelers. It means you must use 2 or 3 different systems to manage the sales and booking. Our platform of multi-attractions gathers 2 or 3 of these systems under a unique one. 

This is what happened with our last business partner, Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, who used our solution. The park needed a way to manage its activities more easily under one platform as it has a lot of different activities offered on its website such as outdoor activities (hiking trails, snowshoeing, climbing), Foresta Lumina and a camping site. Fortunately, xPayrience was able to fix this issue with its online ticketing module as much as its interconnected managing and booking system.

If you have any questions and you still wonder how our solution could help you, please contact us! It will be a pleasure to answer you!