Tourisme Victoriaville et sa région

Tourisme Victoriaville et sa Région were looking to provide visitors with a seamless shopping experience when booking micro-adventures. For the micro-adventure development project in the Victoriaville region, xPAYrience was the ticketing solution that could accommodate the widest range of businesses working in the tourism sector such as special events, agri-tourism, etc. So, it was possible for us to propose to all our partners to sell their activities on this online ticketing platform. Also, the xPAYrience ecosystem is a big advantage that we didn’t find in other online ticketing solutions. The ecosystem allows our partners to benefit from additional online visibility within the platform through regional recommendations. This was a perfect fit for our business project. Finally, the streamlined design of the ticketing system and its ease of use also led us to choose xPAYrience.


The main challenge regarding the ticketing was to make it easier for our partners to understand how the administrator interface works and to provide them with support. As for this new technology, our partners are at various levels, from beginner to more advanced.


By offering comprehensive training to each of our partners as well as being available to answer their questions throughout the process, xPAYrience was able to offer additional support when developing the project. It was also possible for Tourisme Victoriaville et sa Région to act as an “observer” on our partners’ ticketing modules. This feature allowed us to adapt the support offered to each one according to sales generated in the module.


Our partners’ ticketing solutions have been active for almost two months, and we’ve seen a considerable increase in online reservations. For many of our partners and their visitors, buying through an online ticketing service is a new way of purchasing. By systematically integrating an online ticketing service into each of the micro-adventures offered in our region, it was no surprise that there would be a period of adjustment by the clientele to this new buying practice. For our partners promoting their online ticketing, the results are clear!


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Partner testimonial

xPAYrience was able to offer additional support that contributed to the project’s development. As well, Jean-François and Sandrine were very helpful during the whole process. Overall, we’re satisfied with the service offered by the xPAYrience team. Their availability and support throughout the project were greatly appreciated.

Tourisme Victoriaville et sa région