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Diverso Productions

Diverso productions are a strong player in the corporative, charity, sport, art and event industries. Since its creation, the company is known to have an original, refined and personalized approach whose team enjoys a very strong reputation.


Diverso were looking for a user-friendly platform with very specific characteristics to their field of work. Their main goal was to save time and to find all the information in the same place. They were looking for a solution to replace Microsoft Excel, their main software.


The platformallows the following aspects :  registrationmanagement with options specific to Diverso, a plan of the theatresand a full data report. These aspects were introduced to thecompany.


As we listened to their needs,thanks to our solution, Diverso’s team could rely on xPayrience to be able to save time in event planning. An event was successfully booked in only a few days because of the simplification of the registration process.


Our partner’s testimony

Ithas been many years now that we have been working with the xPayrience’s software which allows us to have a system for table booking and  ticket payments for our clients. The system is amazingly simple and allows great flexibility in  data processing. It also allows us to make changes ourselves very quickly. This software was made to be user-friendly, no need of  specificcomputer skills to be able to use it. It is very simple to get up-to-date reports toabout the booking. We always have the support of a professional team, even on short notice. Thank you to the team of xPayrience for their great customer service, their reliability and foralways being sympathetic.

Les productions Diverso
Les productions Diverso