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Divertigo Bromont

For challenge and thrill seekers! Divertigo is a 4 levels aerial adventure course where pleasure is guaranteed. This activity is perfect for adults as well as for children. It involves challenges where balance and tolerance for heights are tested. You will also find a climbing wall, ziplines, rope games, a giantswing and a free fall wind tunnel.


For the opening of the new adventure park, Divertigo Bromont wanted to have a simple and automatic  system to sell their tickets online and on-site.


The xPayrience online ticketing module  has allowed them the sale and  management of  admissions, the automatic calculations of group discounts and packages in collaboration with Bromont, montagne d’expériences’ water park.


For its first year, with the help of the online ticketing system, Divertigo sold more than 2000 admissions.

Divertigo Bromont was also able to create simple and efficient packages in collaboration with Bromont, montagne d’expériences water park where each of the compagnies was receiving in real-time their share of the package.


Our partner’s testimony

To maximize the website traffic, we needed to make many last minute promotions. Oscar, fromcustomer service, was able to to make sure we reached our goals by giving us the right advices. His service was always polite and professional.

Divertigo Bromont
Divertigo Bromont